Motion Sensor Light Switch (30 Day ship time)- Relay Outdoor AC85V~260V Infrared PIR 100W Load

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It can automatically recognize day and night, and the ambient illumination of the starting work can be freely selected, so that it can work automatically at night and close during the day. Users can adjust themselves; The detection distance is adjustable and can be adjusted according to the place of use; The light-on time is adjustable and can be adjusted by the user according to local conditions.
1) LUX It is to adjust day or night work. A: When adjusted to the sun position, the sensor works all day; B: When it is adjusted to the moon position, the sensor does not work during the day and automatically enters the working state at night. 2) TIME Is to adjust the sensor delay time (10 ± 2 sec ~ 7 ± 1 min) The delay time refers to the time when the sensor leaves the sensing area after the sensor senses the person and the sensor delays the time. 3) SENS It is to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor. Generally no adjustment is needed. If the inductive induction is too strong and the light is always on, the sensitivity can be adjusted to the minimum position.
The main technical parameters:
Detection range: 180° working voltage: AC85V~260V (can be customized for various voltages, low voltage, straight/AC) Detection distance: maximum 10m (24 ° C) (adjustable) delay time: 15 seconds ~ 6 minutes (adjustable) Ambient illumination: 2 ~ 2000LUX (adjustable) Operating temperature: –10°C~ +40°C Operating humidity: less than 93% RH mounting height: 1.8m ~ 2.5m Material: ABS Dimensions: 60*45*160mm Installation: Open type, (opening 16 12 10 mm) When installing, the knob is facing down.

Series: human body infrared
Sensing range: 180 degree
Load power: 100W
Output form: relay
Delay off time: adjustable
Scope of application: outdoor
Color: As the picture show
Size: 165*60*50

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Motion Sensor Light Switch - Relay Outdoor AC85V~260V Infrared PIR 100W Load

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